October 5K Runs

I spent this October trying to get myself back into running mode. As I said in an earlier blog post, my mom and I took several weeks to help get our endurance back to where it was before taking the summer off. We followed a beginner’s couch-to-5K training schedule that really helped keep us on track. 

A Bump In The Road

I realized something pretty upsetting recently which has me in a serious running slump. I haven’t gone on a good run since before Spring Break nearly two weeks ago! I realized I have a scheduling conflict the day of the NYC Half Marathon I have been training for. Although this is upsetting, I originally vowed … More A Bump In The Road

Snowy Day Run

Does anyone else feel like there’s going to never not be snow on the ground for the rest of our lives? It seems like this is the never ending winter filled with delays and cancellations. It’s starting to take a toll on my half marathon training. Running on the treadmill for too long hurts my knees after a while, … More Snowy Day Run