Super, Sweet + Simple DIY Gift for Your Bestie

Sometimes, words aren’t enough to thank your best friend for always being there. This super simple DIY, edible gift will be just what you need to spread the love around to your best friends. You only need a few items to create this personalized gift and it takes no time to put together.


The adhesive tape came very cheap from Michaels as did the ribbon. The adorable spoon was found after the fact in Target, a full pack of little spoons cost about a dollar. I used a Polaroid Zip photoprinter to print out a favorite photo of my best friend and I for the front of the Nutella. The Polaroid Zip prints out 2×3 adhesive pictures, so I trimmed it down a little and stuck it on a white piece of construction paper to write on.


When my best friend came home to visit, I was able to give this to her and she thought it was just as cute as I did. A simple thoughtful gift like this for a fellow Nutella lover will go a long way.


What do I need?

– A tub of Nutella
– Adhesive Tape (pattern of your choice)
– Thin ribbon (color/pattern of your choice)
-Small Photo
-Small spoon
-Hot Glue Gun

What do I do? 

-Peel the “Nutella” plastic wrap off from the Nutella jar
– Wrap the adhesive tape around the center of the Nutella jar
-Print out a small photo (I used a Polaroid Zip photoprinter to print it right off my phone). Trim the photo as desired and stick to a white (or color of your choice) piece of paper to customize with a caption or quote.
-Tie ribbon around the lid of the Nutella jar and  tie small spoon to it.

What small things do you do to spread the love to your friends? 

Sweetest DIY Gift (2)


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