Over The River & Through The Woods

As the weather gets nicer, I’ve been trying to find any excuse to get outside. Don’t get me wrong, you all know I love a good run outside, but sometimes I just need to switch it up. Lucky for me, I live relatively close to a beautiful reservoir with hiking trails.


I went on a hike with my mom to get in a little exercise and we wanted to see if the trail was too rough for our diva poodle puppies’ paws for some extra company the next time we hit the trail.

We went for a short hike, just about three miles before heading home and starting the day. The hiking trials run along a huge reservoir, with tons of old stone building structures along the way. There were tons of twists and turns and huge hills to conquer along the way, which left us feeling sore the next day, even after just exploring for three miles.

I have to say the wildlife we saw throughout the time there was the best part. Everyone was out walking their dogs (tougher than my miniature poodles for sure) and I made sure to stop and pet each one. Not only the dogs, but we saw the first butterflies flying about this season and tons of deer.

Although I’ve been to this reservoir many times, including taking a day care class on a field trip there, going with the intention to do nothing other than walk along the trails and enjoy the view was seriously refreshing and sparked a huge desire to see more than just what my own backyard has to offer.

Here’s to the start of a season full of new adventures! FullSizeRender-3


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